Snail Bob

Snail Bob is a game available for play in browsers. You can play the game online completely for free. Here’s some information about Snail Bob, including what to expect from the game as well as what kind of game it is.

Children’s Game About a Snail

Bob is essentially a game aimed at children that follows the adventures of a snail named Snail Bob. At the beginning of the first chapter, Bob is trying to navigate his way through a construction site to make it back home. Throughout the rest of the 8 chapters with dozens of levels each, Bob will find his grandfather, rescue friends, battle evil foes, dodge around forest creatures, travel to ancient Egypt, find love, make it to space, and have many other adventures besides. It’s a game that’s highly engaging for children, and there are multiple different parts to it.

For example, the game is a hybrid between a puzzler and an action game. This means that it’s particularly good for children. The reason for this is because the game will help to hold the attention of children through the music and antics of Bob, as well as the fact that there are so many addictive chapters, but it will also challenge their minds.


The nature of the game is that Bob is always on the move. This means that you don’t need to do anything to cause Bob to move forward, he just does this naturally on his own because he is an on the move kind of snail. The key here is that you have to control the environment around Bob to get him to do what you want so that he can make it to safety. This includes clicking buttons like the “2x” button that makes Bob go faster if this is what you think will get him to safety.

There are also areas where you click a button to get Bob to stop moving as well if that is appropriate for the situation. Sometimes you’re going to want to do this to wait for some danger to pass before Bob continues. Only specifically marked areas will let you click a button to accomplish this, however. There are also special devices in the game that will help Bob turn around if he’s heading in the wrong direction. Bob will always move forward unless he bumps into something or the player changes this condition somehow.

Sometimes the buttons will open a drawbridge or change the course in some other way so that Bob can continue safely. It all just depends on the course.

Easy to Learn

Another useful thing about these games is that they are easy for children to learn. Buttons that are needed to continue through the course will be highlighted at the beginning of the first level so that people don’t get stuck, for example. These will repeat throughout the first few courses until the player has it all mastered and it’s no longer needed. This is what makes the game a good fit for children since it’s not going to be too frustrating for them upfront. In other words, it’s a good match of easy to learn and hard to master, which is the perfect combination for making a game enjoyable to play, and intellectually stimulating.

Overall, this game will provide tons of enjoyment for children everywhere, as well as giving them something to do for hours and hours.

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